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As of 1st of July 2014, everyone entering an aged care home for the first time is required to complete and lodge an income and assets assessment form with Department of Human Services or the Department of Veterans' Affairs (DVA).

The Government Department will assess your income and assets and advise Jallarah of the amount you will be required to contribute towards your accommodation and care costs.

Jallarah encourages you to complete an income and asset assessment application form early. If an assessment is not completed you will not be entitled to Government Assistance with your care or accommodation costs.

More information about income and assets assessment. Click Here

Jallarah advises potential residents to seek independent financial advice from an licenced financial advisor.

Aged Care Fees and Payments Information for Residential Accommodation and Services

From 1st of July 2014, fees and charges for aged care residential service and accommodation may include:

  • Basic daily fee
  • Accommodation payment or accommodation contribution
  • Means tested care fee

Basic Daily Fee

From the date a room is accepted, all residents are eligible to pay the basic daily fee (payable fortnightly). This fee is 85% of the single person Aged Pension rate, and covers living costs, such as meals, power and laundry.

Accommodation Payment or Accommodation Contribution

Accommodation payments are means tested and depending on the capacity to pay residents will be one of the following:

  • NO COSTS -your income and assets are below the minimum threshold the Australian Government will pay the cost of your accommodation.
  • CONTRIBUTION - you are required to pay a portion of the accommodation costs and the Australian Government will pay the balance.
  • PAYMENT - you are required to pay all accommodation costs.

Options for Accommodation Payment or Contributions

Jallarah Homes Incorporated offers single rooms with ensuite bathrooms.

Residents choose to pay for their accommodation by a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD), a Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP), or a combination of both.

Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD)

A RAD is paid as a lump sum, payable at the time of entry.

Daily Accommodation Payment (DAP)

A DAP accrues daily starting from the date of entry, and is paid periodically.

Upon accepting a room at Jallarah Homes, a pricing agreement and residential agreement must be signed prior to entering the facility. After entering Jallarah, a resident has 28 days to decide which method of payment they choose. The DAP is payable from the date of entry.

Residents who decide to pay a RAD will continue paying a DAP until the agreed RAD is paid. This will be due within six months of residence.

Residental Accommodation Prices

Courtyard Room (single with ensuite)                                RAD $250,000                  DAP $43.22/day

Courtyard Room Renovated (single with ensuite)           RAD $300,000                  DAP $51.86/day

Deluxe Room (single with ensuite)                                     RAD $350,000                  DAP $60.51/day

North Facing Room (single with ensuite)                           RAD $350,000                  DAP $60.51/day

North Facing Room Renovated (single with ensuite)      RAD $400,000                   DAP $69.15/day

Jallarah Homes residential accommodation prices are also available for viewing at the My Aged Care Website. Click Here

Please refer to the maximum room price information for each room at Jallarah and the accommodation payment options you wish to consider.

Interest Charged on Oustanding Amounts

Interest is payable on any outstanding fees and charges. Interest will accrue at the rate of the Maximum Permissaible Interest Rate.

Means Tested Care Fee

The means tested care fee is a contribution towards your daily care costs, such as nursing and personal care.

It is capped at $25,939.92 per year and a lifetime cap of $62,255.85 per resident. Once these amounts are reached, you will not be required to pay any more means tested care fees.

Based on an assessment of your income and assets, the Department of Human Services will determine if you are elegible to pay this fee, and will advise you of the required amount.

If you are not required to pay this fee, the Australian Government will pay the full cost of your care.

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